Daniel, they really do look beautiful.
So some background. This is Never Never land, a fantasy Island where anytrhing can come true. Inhabited by many Fairies, Mermaids, and Pirates. Stamp #1 is one of these fairies and a trumpet vine that this summer tried to take over my house. I had to severely cut it back as it was up to the roof of the 2nd story and attacking my shingles. #2 is a friendly Macaw from Hondouras. Actually,Roatan, one of the Bay Islands off the coast. I've been down there twice scuba diving with my wife. #3 Wendy, Michael, and John on their historic flight. Lovlier thought Michael and up you'll go.What could be more dramatic than a silloutte in front of the moon. #4 then a night blooming cereus, these plants are very exotic blooming at night and then finished in the morning. So here it is opening up with the moonlight.#5 Another fairy who lives down the street from me and a Vanda orchid that has bloomed for the past 5 years for me. #6 are two male Papilio paradisea considered by collectors to be one of the rarest butterflies in the world.#7 Next is Peter Pan himself. A serious Peter who is actually my son age 8 Evan Thomas Steadman. To photograph him flying for my reference picture I was standing at the top of a very tall step ladder and he was at the bottom of my neighbors driveway. His sister was holding a fan on a 100' extension cord blowing his hair.This was happening out near the street where the days last rays of light were illuminating him just the way I wanted. Of course everyone driving by had something to say.#8 The most famous fairy Tinkerbell. Being pursued by Peter for some mischevious prank. Not far from the truth since that is in fact Evan Thomas' older sister Tilli age 11. #9 Anthuriums. The only  flower in this series that I didn't grow myself. However I did go to an Anthurium farm on the big Island of Hawaii. #10 Two praeneste Hew. from the family of Nymphalidae. Totally striking.#11 is the Never bird. In the story the Never bird save Peters' life by offering her nest as a life preserver.#12 a brugmansia, a truely elegant flower that has a wonderful aroma and flowers that hang down about a foot in length.#13 one of the mermaids who actually lives down the street from me and live with her sister the fairy. #14 Captain Hooks pirate ship, which is actually a replica of a very famous Dutch vessel whose name I can't remember. However A Dutch family was living and visiting with my neighbors several summers ago and during many discussions he told me how he was part of the crew that built this 300' replica. When he returned to the Netherlands he sent me very detailed photos, which I used for the creation of the pirate ship here.#15 The crocodile that bit off Captain Hooks hand and swallowed an alarm clock that still tic tocs inside the beasts belly. #16 Captain Hook himself is my good friend Bennett B. Camhi, who owns The Costume Shop in Red Bank N.J. He can become almost anyone you can think of. He in fact is one of the original Captain Morgan Pirates making appearences on behalf of the spiced rum.His father is a retired postal worker and Bennett has an extensive stamp collection. When I approached him about this job hetold me he would lop off his hand and don a hook to become Captain Hook and since he went that far I thought he was the man for the job. Only kidding, about the hand, the rest is all true. The beach and the background are both from one of the many islands of Palau, where I was fortunate enough to scuba dive many years ago, and it really is Never Neverland